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If Not Now, When?

First of all, I would like to thank President Trump for the many good things he has done for Israel. For decades, we have seen many Presidents, both Democrat and Republican, who, after being given the opportunity, did not have the courage to confirm the right of the Jewish people to live in the Land promised to them by God. President Trump was the first U.S. President to acknowledge the right of Jews to live in east Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.  It is scripturally, morally, and ethically right to allow the Jewish people to return to their biblical heritage.

It is with great respect that I make this appeal.

I, like most Christian Zionists, was both excited as well as apprehensive at the thought of a peace plan coming from this administration. The staff at HaYovel and our families gathered in a small meeting room here on the Mount of Blessing to listen to the plan. Through HaYovel, thousands of volunteers have had the privilege of working alongside farmers in Judea and Samaria, farmers who were inspired by the biblical prophets to plant vineyards on this Land.  The plan, we knew, would have an impact on the people and the Land we have grown to love over the last 15 years of service.

Since the UN vote to reestablish Israel’s existence in 1947, there has been only one consistent solution offered – two states for two peoples – Israelis and Palestinians living side by side. As we heard, the term “Palestinian State” spoken by the President – our hearts broke.

Almost immediately, we heard the celebration from the mouths of Jewish as well as Christian leaders. Many of them were invited by the President to witness the unveiling of the plan. For those of us who’ve invested our whole lives to see God’s Name hallowed in this Land, we sat for the most part – silent. For us, within minutes, the dreams of the prophets had been reduced to Jewish enclaves surrounded by those who desperately want to see Israel and the Jewish people destroyed.

Not one of us felt like celebrating.


Many faithful followers of the President have said “The Deal of the Century” is wonderful, amazing, even brilliant. The one reason for this excitement we’ve heard over and over is that “The Palestinians would never accept it, so why do we need to worry?”

Really? We are excited about a plan because we know the Arabs will not accept it? And then what would we do if they did accept it? Do they even need to accept it before it will be implemented?

The other point I have also heard is that President Trump is masterfully trying to expose the Palestinians so he can, at some point, make a better case for Israel’s sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria.

Expose the Palestinians?

At what point in the history of this conflict have the Palestinians NOT been exposed? How many Jews will have to be murdered? How often and how loudly do they need to declare their intent to see the Jews annihilated before the world recognizes the danger? How many Palestinians are receiving money awarded by the PA to those who murder Jews? How many more Jews will be murdered in order to collect this reward?

Like President Truman, President Trump has the opportunity to create a great legacy by making a courageous decision.

It has been 72 years since the declaration of the state of Israel and 53 years since the miracle of the Six-Day War. Every year the Palestinians have exposed themselves as untrustworthy. Even if they agreed, like Yasser Arafat, to a peace agreement, shouldn’t we also believe, like Arafat, that they would immediately break the agreement?

Six million Jews were allowed to be exterminated in World War II. Isn’t it time for a great leader from a great nation to rise up and simply do the right thing? Isn’t it time for Christians all around the world to unite and declare our stand with the Jewish people and stop the violence against God’s Covenant people and land?

Today, there is a family or several families on every street in the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria that have felt the horrific pain inflicted by an Arab terrorist. Israel’s restoration until now has been recognized only through bloodshed. Even today homes are allowed to be built in Judea and Samaria only after a Jew has been murdered. It is time to change the narrative. We have the opportunity now to see it happen. This is not the time for indifference. This is the time for all those who confess a sincere belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob …the God of Israel, to walk out their faith.

If not now, when?

Tommy Waller

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