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How Will the Grapes of Israel’s Heartland Be Harvested this Year?

If you’re familiar with our organization, you know that we’ve brought more than 3,000 Christians from 30 countries to Israel over the past 17 years to volunteer in the biblical heartland. Our mission is to serve Israel’s farmers, and we do things like plant new vineyards and trees, harvest grapes, prune vineyards, and much, much more. 

The last year, however, has looked a little different. Since COVID began, our volunteer programs have been limited and our work serving Israel’s farmers has taken a major hit. With the grape harvest starting in one month here in Israel, farmers are beginning to get worried. How will they bring in their harvest? Bigger farmers have limited options to use combine harvesters. Small farmers and those who tend their vineyards on the steep, rocky hills of Judea and Samaria have little choice except hand-harvesting. We’re still unsure how many volunteers we’ll be able to bring to Israel (if at all), and we’re not sure how all of the grapes will be harvested this year. 

Biblically, this is the last harvest before the Shmittah starts (seventh-year sabbath), and we’re expecting extra abundance – maybe even three-fold! 

The white grape harvest will begin in about one month and the red grape harvest follows several weeks after that. With the prospects of bringing our normal-sized volunteer groups into the country being rather dim, we are getting worried about how we will fully assist the farmers who are counting on us this year. 

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” (Isaiah 52:7)

Some of our staff are still unable to return to Israel. This leaves us stretched….rather thin. 

>>Check out this hilarious but true video that we released on our Youtube channel earlier this week.

As Britt says in the video, “That’s where you come in.” Even though HaYovel & the Joshua & Caleb Network are thriving in our mission in Israel, we still operate on a small budget, and sometimes struggle to meet our monthly expenses. 

This week, we launched a monthly fundraising campaign with a goal of on-boarding new monthly supporters at the $25, $50, $100, and $250 levels. Our goal is to sign up 150 new monthly donors. 

The fundraising campaign is called “Boots on the Ground.” Besides actually putting boots on the feet of our staff team, we’re looking to fund our normal, day to day operations. We’re entering a very busy season with a small team of staff, and we need your backing to keep us equipped to fulfill our mission. 

>>Sign up to be a monthly donor today. 

Would you like to know more about what we do? 

HaYovel helps dozens of farmers located throughout Judea and Samaria, a place that the world falsely calls the “West Bank.” Our work includes: 

  • Planting new vineyards
  • Harvesting grapes
  • Pruning vines
  • Planting trees
  • Harvesting olives
  • Pruning olive groves
  • Plowing new roads for farms and local security teams
  • Installing infrastructure for new farms
  • And….so much more

Basically, if a farmer reaches out to us with a request for help, we do our best to answer the call. 

Besides our volunteer work, we also have a mission to change the narrative of the mainstream media who hate Israel and constantly spread lies about her land and people. The world is spreading negativity, lies, and fake news about Israel in the media. We are spreading positivity and truth about Israel through our own media. 

At the Joshua & Caleb Network, we write articles, produce Youtube programs, podcasts, and videos from Judea and Samaria’s front lines that debunk the myths surrounding the places and people of the biblical heartland. 

We are currently averaging more than 400,000 views per month, and are exponentially growing! I can’t tell you details yet, but we have some super exciting projects in the works (and I mean super exciting). 

Regarding the Joshua & Caleb Report, Lee, a new subscriber, said: 

Thank you for your report. I just canceled my subscription to the Daily Wire. They asked me why I canceled. I sent them your report and told them that this is the kind of news I want to listen to. 

About his experience on a HaYovel volunteer program, Paul from Oklahoma said: 

The experience of a lifetime. Knowing you are fulfilling prophecy by working the vineyards in Samaria has been the most fulfilling event in my spiritual life since my salvation experience in 1970.

The last year has been difficult for Israel. More than ever, the world is turning their back on the place that God calls the “apple of His eye.” You, however, can stand up against the rising tide of anti-semitism and Jew-hatred. 

If you believe in our mission of serving Israel’s land and people, and combating the false Israel-narrative that the media constantly spews forth, please join our mission. 

Sign up to be a “Boots on the Ground” donor today, and join the ranks of strong, confident, Israel-supporters today. 

Zechariah says that one day all nations will stand against Jerusalem. As a Bible-believer who supports Israel, you can stand against that tide.  

Thank you for your support. 

P.S. If you’re just interested in supporting the Joshua & Caleb Network, you can do so at www.joshuaandcaleb.com or www.Patreon.com/JoshuaAndCaleb.

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  1. Laurel Van Houten

    If you can’t get volunteers from outside the country, why don’t check for volunteers in country? Advertise with Messianic congregations and other places of worship, to see if they could help you guys out.

    1. Andrew Parsons

      Thanks for asking and for your interest in supporting us monthly! Our mailing address is:
      P.O. Box 19
      Greenville, MO 63944
      United States of America

      You can make checks payable to HaYovel.

    1. Andrew Parsons

      Thanks for asking! Yes, HaYovel issues receipts for donations made from anywhere in the world, however, our non-profit status is registered in the United States of America. If you are asking for the purpose of declaring it on your tax statement for a deduction, you need to check the tax laws for your country (or ask a professional familiar with them) and make sure your local government will accept receipts for U.S. based non-profit organizations.