Fight for Israel in Your Community

As the war with Hamas continues to heighten, Israel is still being labeled as the enemy on the world stage. Israel has suffered immensely with a loss of life that has now reached 1,300+ men, women, and children – the highest number of casualties that have occurred in one day since the Holocaust. Hamas has also directly caused 3,500+ injuries and 200+ kidnappings. 

Despite these unprovoked and inhumane acts, many people around the world are still rallying for the Palestinians in Gaza and claiming that Israel is responsible for this war – including the deaths and injuries that have amassed throughout it. Protesters began marching and waving Palestinian flags in many cities across the globe in places such as Edinburgh, London, Geneva, Dublin, New York, Washington D.C., and multiple others. Many of these protests took place during or following the Jihadist “Day of Rage” and included chants saying, “Free Palestine,” “Stop killing Gazans,” “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” and, “The world stands with Palestine.” This isn’t where the protests stopped though – they also began to erupt on American college campuses filled with students who have little to no understanding of the reality on the ground. 

Tufts University Chapter for Justice in Palestine claims, “Liberation fighters from Gaza paragliding into occupied territory have especially shown the creativity necessary to take back the stolen land.” Other antisemitic university groups in universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Yale have also released statements concerning the present war and their stance on it. While all have slightly different phrasing, many of these groups have the underlying messaging that Israel and its citizens are getting what they deserve for “oppressing” the “occupied” Palestinian people and Israel bears responsibility for any and all casualties involved in this war since the “occupied peoples have the right to resist the occupation of their land.”

Thankfully, many universities have either remained neutral on their overall stance concerning the war or have spoken out against the anti-Israel statements that have been put out by these groups. Harvard President Claudine Gay condemned Hamas’ recent actions by calling them “terrorist atrocities” and stating that “such inhumanity is abhorrent.” Gay also ensured that “no student group – not even 30 student groups – speaks for Harvard University or its leadership.” 

So while we are seeing extreme disdain for Israel, this has also opened the door to see overwhelming support for Israel and its citizens. As the battle continues to rage here in the Land, fight for Israel in your communities by sharing the reality of what is currently happening – Hamas waged war on Israel because they are a radical terrorist group and not because they are an oppressed people trying to take back their stolen land.

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  1. Deborah Lucero

    The land is Israel’s given by God Hikmself over 2000 years ago. Hamas is a terrorist as bad or worse than isis. A baby mutilator and killer. His tactics are the most horrible thing I’ve since the Nazis. People who praise Hamasaki and his horde are fools. They will turn on all these followers if he was busy slaughtering innocents but he does not like Christians he would kill all these insane people in a heartbeat just like isis. God have mercy on their immortal souls. Especially when they meet Him face to face. Hate Israel at your own risk. I pray for their souls.

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