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How Should Israel Respond to the Lack of Support from the Biden Administration?

Op-Ed by Jeffrey Stevens Israel and the United States have been close allies for years. While there has been an occasional hiccup since President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett took their respective offices, there has yet to be too much alarm. For the most part, the Biden administration has made itself look to be pro-Israel....
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Love for the Land of Israel is Increasing

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult, painful, and traumatic experience for many of us. Political divisions have deepened. Many have been separated from family by government regulations and ongoing international travel restrictions. Millions have died and we all know people who have been sick. I myself have three close family members and friends who...
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Should We Replace Replacement Theology?

I want to thank a good friend , whose email inspired this article. HaYovel often discusses replacement theology. Replacement theology gets defined obliquely (and mostly implicitly) in a few of HaYovel’s published resources, but as of now we do not have a single, concise resource to point to which defines and explains the term. In...
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