Are the people of Gaza actually starving? It’s a legitimate question. If you ask nearly any world leader, international humanitarian organization, or simply watch the ads that YouTube is serving you, you’d think that millions of people are in danger of dying any day from starvation.

If we look behind the news, children crying in front of the camera, and ask some key questions however, we may find a very different story. Since the world wants us to stand with the poor, innocent civilians in Gaza, and hate Israel in the process, it’s important that we know what is actually going on. The real truth might surprise you.

All of this, and more coming up on today’s program.

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Luke Hilton

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Luke discovered his passion for Israel at age of 16. Since then, he's shared the story of Israel's restoration across the globe through speaking tours, films, and articles, inspiring Christian Zionists to stand in support of Israel.

Luke is based out of Israel, serves as Director of Marketing for HaYovel and is an author and show host for The Israel Guys.

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