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Aching Hearts for Israel

As Christians who believe in God’s covenant promises, our hearts ache when we hear about the rockets being fired at innocent civilians and the burning of synagogues in Israel. 

Just today I heard about what happened to the Avigal family in the town of Sderot on Israel’s southern border. As is all too common in the towns close to the Gaza strip, the air raid sirens went off, and everyone ran as fast as they could for the closest bomb shelter. 

Asaph Avigal was alone in his home in Sderot and quickly made his way to their shelter. Asaph’s wife Shani had gone two doors down to her sister’s house to let their son, Ido, play with his cousins. Both of them quickly dove into the bomb shelter and listened as a barrage of rockets began exploding nearby.

Once the rockets had fallen, Asaph came out of the shelter and sent a text message to his wife and son. They did not answer. After a few minutes, Asaph decided to check on them. He rounded the corner and saw a woman being loaded into an ambulance. He ran over to see if he could help. As he got closer he realized that it was Shani. She was badly wounded, but was able to tell him “Asaph, Ido was killed.”

Two days later, at the funeral, Asaph mourned for his son. “I’m sorry I did not take the shrapnel in your place. I am sorry that I came too late to stop the bleeding.” Asaph had just recently told his wife that he could not wait to see what Ido would be like when he grew up. “Now I will never know. I am sorry that you were taken from us so early. I hope that you are the last sacrifice and that this is the last time that a parent buries his child.”

Picture of Ido

Since May 9th, 4340 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians. Twelve Israelis have been killed. Approximately 225 Gazan terrorists have been killed. The IDF has worked tirelessly to protect its citizens using the Iron Dome defense system and by destroying the rocket launchers in Gaza. Hamas continues to use highly-populated civilian areas to launch from and when Israel asks the civilians to leave the areas, Hamas demands that they stay. Over 600 of the rockets launched fell within the Gaza border, injuring their own civilian population. Hamas does not value life, and their citizens are paying a high price because of it.

At 2 AM this morning, Friday, May 21st, Israel and Hamas have agreed to a temporary ceasefire.

But the fight is not over. The anti-Israel, anti-peace, anti-God propaganda machine has had a heyday over the past couple weeks. News reports have been spread all around the world that Israel is the aggressor; using unnecessary force and killing innocent women and children. 

The reality is that fake news is taking its toll. Perspectives are being formed against Israel. Your family, friends, and neighbors are in serious danger of being influenced. And the violence isn’t confined to Israel. While rockets are raining down on Israel, Jewish people in Munich and New York are being attacked. Acts of anti-semitism are rampant. World leaders, including US congressmen and senators, are standing against Israel and for Arab terrorism. 

The propaganda machine continues to effectively funnel support back to terrorists and they continue to accomplish their goal of building up weapons and killing Israeli civilians. Through these acts of terror they hope to erase Israel off the map. As you read this they are chanting, “Push Israel into the sea!”

But, there is good news. Christian Zionists all around the world are standing up for Israel in their time of need. Tired of hearing the fake news and anti-Israel propaganda, this remnant of valiant men and women are getting informed and taking action.

You can do something now! You can pray for the peace of Jerusalem. You can combat the lies of anti-Israel propaganda with the truth.  Find good reliable resources like the Joshua and Caleb Network and take time to be informed! Get educated and then do not be silent! You can be the one to influence your friends and family! They are being bombarded with fake news rockets and they need you to be their Iron Dome.

Once the borders open up, come volunteer in Israel! When you come with hearts of love and hands to serve, you bring much needed support to Israel, and you will be equipped to effectively fight this war against fake news! 

As Edmond Burke put it, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If we do our part and God blesses us to do His will, we can create a movement that will become a shield of defense for families like the Avigals. No more innocent blood should be shed on our watch. Now is the time, let’s move!

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4 Responses
  1. Kellye Cokeroft

    I love you guys! Thank you for being our ears and hands and feet. I appreciate you so much.

  2. Barb Hemphill

    Thankyou for keeping us here in Canada informed and for broadcasting the truth of what is going on in Israel. Many more outlets like yours are needed to drown out the sickening lies of msm . Praying ceaselessly for israel.

  3. Steve Austin

    Thanks very much for keeping us in America informed of the real truth and not lies and propaganda like the commercial medias across the world. I really like your reports and coverage.