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3 Things You Don’t Want to Miss When You Visit Israel

If you are reading this, I am guessing that you love Israel. And there is a good chance that you have even been to Israel at least once. Maybe you’ve been more times than you can count on one hand. If you went on a 10-day or 2-week tour, you probably had an amazing experience. You saw the sites, enjoyed the food, and got the shirt that says “I ran where Jesus walked”. You went away with a feeling of inspiration in your heart that is hard to describe––something you’ve never experienced visiting other countries and that is difficult to explain to your friends and family back home.

Now you would like to go back, but you’re looking for something beyond a typical tour. You’d like to experience Israel in an authentic way, like a local. You want to meet the people in the small town shops, sit in locals’ homes, and maybe even dig your fingers into the soil. And you’d like to see those sites that are off the beaten track––places where unpaved roads lead beyond the point where tour buses stop. 

However, there’s a problem. Most tours have a short, set itinerary. They’re expensive, rigid, and don’t allow you to do your own exploring. They are often rushed at the sites, and barely give you enough time to snap a photo before climbing back on the bus. And blurry photos that you took through the windows of the bus, often don’t allow you to reassemble your experience when you get back home and your friends and family are gathered around to hear about your trip.

Everyone that comes to Israel deserves to experience the land like a local. The tour was great for the first trip, but you want something more for your next adventure. Something that will truly allow you to experience these three things:

1. The Land. When I say “the land”, I’m not talking about a Catholic or Greek Orthodox church site, nor am I referring to the popular places in Jerusalem where thousands of people flock every week. I’m talking about a beautiful hilltop in Samaria called Elon Moreh––the place where Abraham stood in Genesis 12 and received the promise of the land. I’m talking about collecting 3,000-year-old pottery in ancient Shiloh, where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years. And I’m talking about traveling down the Road of the Patriarchs––the exact road that Jesus walked as He went to and from Jerusalem.

2. The People. When volunteering with HaYovel, you will have the opportunity to meet the pioneers from the local communities in Judea and Samaria. Different folks will come and tell their story nearly every night, you will hear them at the local sites where you visit and volunteer, and will be inspired as you visit the local businesses that are actively fighting anti-Semitism and the BDS movement. They will tell you the stories from the early days of settling Israel and the biblical heartland, the challenges that they face today, and the joys of being back home and raising their families in the land of their forefathers.

3. The Culture. While you are with our program, you’ll get the authentic Israeli experience. Food, prayers, songs, traditions, you name it––our entire program is designed to immerse you in the culture of Israel. You will celebrate an Israeli-style Shabbat each Friday night, hear from Jewish guides on the tours, learn Hebrew phrases and songs, and have opportunities to learn about the local traditions and customs. The Jewish culture is rich and diverse and intricately connected to the early roots of Christianity. You will be blessed as you open your heart to learn.

We understand that coming to Israel can be a once-in-a-lifetime decision in itself. Choosing the right trip to spend your money on is even more intimidating. You want to make sure that your hard-earned money is being spent for a truly authentic experience.

For the last 15 years, we have brought more than 2,600 people just like yourself to Israel on a volunteer trip that truly connects to the land, people and culture of Israel.

Our trips are designed to be two parts volunteering, one part touring, and a 100% authentic experience. During your time, you will be working on various projects, mostly agricultural (like harvesting grapes and olives). And each week, you’ll be touring a different part of Jerusalem, Judea, or Samaria and connecting with the local people throughout each week.

Trips range anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 weeks and are purposely designed so that no single part is rushed. You’ll never have to run where the characters in the Bible walked and you always have time to take everything in. The trips are also family-friendly and affordable. Check out our family discounts on our website!

To sign up for a trip, all you have to do is follow three easy steps:

1. Apply for a trip at www.ServeIsrael.com

2. Talk with our team – we will walk you through the details of your trip

3. Fly to Israel – we’ll be waiting at the airport to pick you up!

So don’t wait any longer – head on over to www.ServeIsrael.com and sign up today to start your dream trip to Israel.

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